Youssef Kromah is an award-winning poet, best-selling author, dynamic speaker, community activist and international television host at Huda TV in Cairo, Egypt.

He was first featured as a spoken-word poet on Russel Simmon’s HBO series Brave New Voices and later as a featured guest speaker on CNN’s Who’s Black in America, hosted by Soledad O’Brien. Youssef’s ability to captivate and enthrall audiences with his poignant words and power-packed performances has taken him all over the United States and abroad, including Cuba, Hong Kong, Palestine, Ireland, Thailand, Morocco, London, Egypt and many other countries.

An alumnus of LaSalle University, Youssef graduated with the distinctions while double majoring in Leadership and Global Understanding and English. He is the founder of the Do It for The Deen initiative and an active youth leader in several Muslim communities.

Youssef serves as a khatib for over 10 masjids in the Delaware Valley region, as well as assistant imam at Masjidullah in Philadelphia, Pa. Youssef is currently pursuing a degree in Islamic Studies at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, with hopes of following a career track in Islamic Scholarship, while continuing his art, da’wah work and youth development initiatives.





Imam Morshad Saami Hossain is the Imam and religious director of the Voorhees Islamic Center, volunteer chaplain at Kennedy Hospital and Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice, and a real estate business owner. He started his pursuit of Islamic knowledge in 2004 when he enrolled in Darul Uloom Al Madania of Buffalo NY where he completed the memorization of the Quran. In 2007, he travelled abroad to Johannesburg, SA where he attended Darul Uloom Arabia Islamia for higher Islamic studies. His studies in SA consisted of learning Classical Arabic, Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, and their respective principles and sciences. In 2015 he joined the Islamic Center of Voorhees as their full time Imam and religious director and continues to serve in that capacity till today. In 2016 he pursued a career in real estate and currently owns his own real estate business. He lives in Voorhees, NJ with his wife and two sons. He enjoys reading, staying healthy, and most importantly, making excellent coffee.





Mufti Niaz Hannan is the Imam and Religious Director at ICSJ (Islamic Center of South Jersey). Born in Brooklyn, made in Montgomeryville, and educated in England, Mufti Niaz began his journey in studying Islam from the blessed lap of his mother and late grandfather, Shaykh Maulana Raihanul Haque رحمه الله at a very tender age. He started memorizing the Holy Qur’ān at North Penn Mosque in Lansdale, Pennsylvania under the guidance of the then Imam, Maulana Mostafa Hossain. He continued his Qur’ānic education at Darul Uloom Al-Madania, the well-known seat of learning in Buffalo, New York, before completing his Ḥifẓ (complete memorization of the Holy Qur’ān) in the spring of 2004. For the next nine years, Mufti Niaz would pursue his Islamic Studies in the UK, qualifying as an ‘Ālim (Scholar of Islam) in the Sacred Sciences (Tafsīr, Ḥadīth, Fiqh, etc.) in 2011 from Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda UK in Blackburn. The following year, he hit two birds with one stone by completing his training as a Muftī (issuer of Muslim legal responses) and by completing an MA in Islamic Studies from the Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE). His last stop in the UK was at Cambridge Muslim College, where he obtained a Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies & Leadership under the tutelage of Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Professor Tim Winter), benefitting from the company of some of the most well-known Muslim scholars and intellectuals in the world. For the last ten years, Mufti Niaz has been volunteering and teaching in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region, and most recently been serving ICSJ full-time since spring of 2014. In addition to his duties in South Jersey, he is also the Muslim Chaplain at Drexel University in Philadelphia, as well as a part-time instructor for Safina Society based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, IQRA Institute in Greater Philadelphia, and Imam Ghazali Institute in New York.





Amir Abdul Wali is a scholar of Islam trained at Al-Azhar University in Egypt. Born in the US, he moved to Egypt at a young age to pursue sacred knowledge. He is a hafidh of the Qur'an and a skilled instructor in the fields of Qur'anic studies, hadith, jurisprudence, and Arabic. He currently serves at a full time religious instructor with the Muslim Society of the Delaware Valley, and its subsidiaries, MYCP and ICCWG.