Preservation of the Sacred.



To provide contemporary Islamic scholarship and discussions grounded in tradition; and foster a passion for intellectual Islamic sciences.

Who Are We?

Riwaq Institute is a non-profit organization which aims to provide contemporary scholarship and discussions grounded in traditional Islamic philosophy. Our goal is to foster a passion for intellectual Islamic sciences. Given our nonprofit vision, we strive to operate on a low cost budget, perfectly fitted towards working individuals, parents, and students. 

01. when?

Our team is currently working on starting our first series of workshops for release this summer. We have been fortunate enough to have held tables at different events in the area so far, visit a few masjids, and look forward to continue serving our community each month.

02. Where?

Headquartered in Dover, Delaware, we serve the local communities in Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

03. Why?

In today’s society, many times the younger generation are disconnected from their faith due to a lack of understanding. We believe that a curriculum designed to address contemporary issues grounded in traditional Islamic philosophy can bridge this gap. We work hard to design specifically tailored courses with the aim of being a beneficial resource to society. 


Dedicated to reviving the traditional Islamic sciences.



Our Name

The Arabic word “Riwaq” means arch or arcade. “Riwaqs” are found in many of the marvelous mosques around the world, particularly between the courtyard and the inner area of the mosque. 

The Riwaq provided shade to the occasional traveler or visitor of the mosque. More importantly it became the area in which traditional circles of knowledge formed and classes would gather to pass down the sacred sciences, generation to generation. 

Even today many great mosques around the world hold classes under their “Riwaqs.”


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